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Real life and Sims 4

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Sorry guys, been inactive Simblr for a couple of months now. My break from Sims took longer than I expected (*cough* college finals *cough*). My game is still bitching and refuses to work, so it looks like I’ll need to reinstall ALL the thing…
In other news, I still play Tera. Yup.

Anon replies! (From top to bottom)

  1. Well are currently recruiting healer classes only as we have an insane amount of DPS players already. So if you are a priest or a mystic, fill the app here: The Empyrean Divine Recruitment :)
  2. I didn’t make it because I haven’t reached any follower milestone yet (I suppose this is why the gifts are made on Simblrs). I’m definitely up to make a gift for existing followers though once my interest in this game comes back.
  3. The dress is EA’s, unlocked with “unlockoutfits” cheat. I think it requires one of the EP’s, but I can’t tell which one atm. The blade is by Rosesims, it’s an accessory.
  4. If you are referring to the older pics of her, then it’s Ephemera’s NV1 Pale. Recently I’ve tried Ephemera’s WEAK on her.
  5. It depends on what case you have, many computer cases have different size mounts for fans - either a 80mm, 120mm, 140mm, 200mm or sometimes 230mm. You should check what size fans your case supports and look up for fans in that category. Usually most cases have standard 120mm fans, so I would recommend getting Cooler Master Sikleflow LED fans as they are great quality and pretty cheap. I use Fractal R2 140mm silent fans in my case as it supports fans of this size and those are VERY silent ones (like completely silent).
  6. I dunno, what are babbys? I dunno @_@
  7. Awww thanks :3 I don’t think I get much hate, I just think that there’s this one or two people who just don’t have anything better to do than send hate to me. (Which makes me thing of how pathetic they should be lol).
  8. I don’t think that I will convert any more RE hairs for now as I don’t have the game anymore :/
  9. It really depends on how you like to play. Some people argue about this, but it really varies from person to person. I like Late Night a lot, so I’d say it’s my favorite EP because of the downtown city and all the fun places to visit. If you like playing with kids and other age groups, go for Generations. If you like playing with pets - go for Pets. If you like to travel and do quests - go for World Adventures and so on.
Anonymous sent:

what do you do to your sims have thick legs? sorry for bad english

Idk I think it’s just the weight slider. I never make it further to the left than a middle of the bar because I find sims to be shapeless and weird when I do so.

Anonymous sent:

oh please. you're just greedy and selfish because you want to save it for yourself and get more notes + followers. you can say that it's not your responsibility to hand them out but you're not even doing it so why not give it to someone who will. instead you're just sitting there bitching about how annoying those people are.. the ones that are asking you to help them out and give them the models. bitch, please. who do you think you even are.

Lol, did anyone actually ask me for models recently? No one did, you went straight for the anon hate. There were many people who asked nicely before you and they got all the help and assistance they needed.
Remember the rule “Treat others like you want them to treat you”? Right, you came here to send anon hate and expected get something nice in reward, how cute. Sorry hun, but you get what you paid for.

Anonymous sent:

honestly it's shitty of you not to share where you got your models for tera from. since you've pretty much given up on converting tera to sims at least share where you got your sources from so other people can pick it up. it's quite selfish of you really. /unfollow

You should expect the bashing from all the people who will read this.

Honestly it’s shitty of you not to use Google and get the models yourself and instead bugging other people with anon hate to get them something for you. Have you tried asking nicely? No, you send anon hate, so you will get what you deserve. You have hands and can use your browser? Yes. All you need now is just half a brain to get what you need. You don’t have that? Well, it’s not my problem dear, go bug someone else as I ain’t gonna do shit for people like you. (People sending anon hate that is)

Just some Tera pics <3

Been playing it a lot lately since I’ve lost my interest in Sims, not sure for how long though. The guild events are insanely fun and I’ve met a lot of new awesome people, they keep me occupied during all my free time. I have few unfinished stuff in my pocket, but I’m just lacking motivation to continue; this is however should change any time soon, so nothing to be worried about.

engramsims replied to your post: Watching Doctor Who for the first time…

What season are you watching? Just give it a few episodes and you will get it. The show has a long history and a lot of references to past seasons and enemies so it might take a little while to get used to it.

I’m watching the very first season, I think it’s dated 2005 or something like that.

4theonewithoutaname replied to your post: Watching Doctor Who for the first time…

My earliest memory of my first time watching Doctor Who, was the one with the gas man child walking around asking “Are you my mummy?”…

Lol, I just finished that episode, it was scary as hell XD

simpocalypses replied to your post: Watching Doctor Who for the first time…

What season were you watchinh

1st one.

mariannaerikainthepolicebox replied to your post: Watching Doctor Who for the first time…

It’s an awesome show, give it five episodes!

I already did XD Probably watch some more later. I like the jokes and actors, but I don’t quite follow the story yet.

Watching Doctor Who for the first time…

Was that about? I mean like whaaaat? Scary? Funny? I don’t know! I think I’m too stupid for that XD

Anon replies! I’m sorry if some may be missing, my inbox is a mess :/

1-2. Thank you Nonnies, I’ve already received a few offers for Origin downloads, so it’s not a problem now :)

3. I’m not saying that, I’m just taking a little break from that dress. I asked my friend to test it and it seems to have so much issues that I don’t even know if I be able to fix them :(

4. Probably not. I change/remodel armors so fast that I see no point in that at the moment. I probably do so when I finally get the gear I want, which may not happen very soon.

5. You’re not bothering me, I love to help with technical questions. You can contact with my email - simselexis@gmail.com

6. Like I said before, I’m not completely scrapping them. I will probably do something soon, I just took a break from that exact dress.

7. Thank you :) In reality, no one is taking advantage of me, if I don’t release the dress, those people will loose more than they will get.

8. Thank you Nonny, that’s very sweet <3

9. Models from Tera are … well models from Tera. I don’t know how to explain that better, sorry. I guess you can call them “meshes from a game known as Tera”. I’ve answered the bit about the dress earlier in this post.